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February 13, 1999 marked the 35th Foundation Day of the Philippine Institute of Quezon City. To further heighten this achievement of the school, the Board of Directors of the Quezon City Chamber of Commerce, the major force behind the school, decided 120 days before the Foundation Day to call on the alumni for a grand reunion to celebrate the occasion. Through the combined efforts of the school principal and selected teachers, a core group of alumni was formed to ensure that the Grand Reunion celebration would be on the right track.

The core group consisted of around 150 alumni who took the cudgel with enthusiasm. In its first organizational meeting, several members of the Board of Directors graced the occasion and pledged their wholehearted support to all the endeavors of the Association. It was in this meeting that a fund raising activity was proposed: a Bingo Social, to coincide with the 35th Foundation Day celebration. 15 alumni were chosen as the Association’s Interim Leaders until such time that a formal General Assembly and Elections could be called. The 15 Interim Officers were tasked to spearhead the Bingo Social and safeguard the funds that would be generated from the event.

The success of the Bingo Social was due to the enthusiastic help the Interim Officers received from the school and teachers, enjoining undergraduates as well as their parents and relatives to attend the Bingo Social. Further support also came from the school’s Corp of Cadets and the Scouting Movement.

The Interim Officers pledged to donate a portion of the Bingo Social’s proceeds to the scholarship fund, to be given to deserving children of fellow alumni who would enroll in the school. Another portion was set aside for the general welfare of registered alumni. Due to their efforts, the school and Board of Directors have recognized the Interim Officers for their contributions to the stability of the subsequent Alumni Association. To further encourage alumni to register with the Alumni Association, the Interim Officers passed a resolution to insure every registered alumni with a P100,000.00 personal accident plan for their family.

It has since been 16 years, and the rest is history.


Vision, Mission and Goal
of the
Philippine Institute of Quezon City Alumni Association

 Vision: To be recognized as the best Alumni Association in the Filipino-Chinese Community in terms of achievement and service to the community.

Mission: To unite the school’s alumni into one strong organization.

Goal: To be able to assist and address the school’s concerns about its alumni

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