Pre-School Department

The PIQC Pre-school program uses developmentally appropriate practices to provide a warm, happy, safe, supportive and nurturing environment where children develop holistically. The program provides an innovative curriculum with materials, experiences and teaching methods that are grounded an early childhood philosophies and principles of childhood development. These are age specific and developmentally appropriate.

All learning activities are presented through play and engaging class activities. These activities allow the children to explore experiment, imitate, ask questions and be questioned to further enhance their thinking and problem solving skills.


We believe children learn best…

  • in a secured, consistent, disciplined and clean environment;
  • in an atmosphere which celebrates the joys of everyday life;
  • by exploring concepts through hands on activities;
  • by exploring concepts through hands on activities;
  • through developmentally appropriate sequencing of orderly and systematic degree of knowledge and skill building;
  • with opportunities to explore both outdoors and indoor learning experience;
  • with a loving, caring, respectful relationship with peers and adults.


The Pre-School curriculum aims:

  • to develop and enhance physical, intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, and critical skills progressively;
  • to provide an environment that promotes exploration and interaction with teachers and peers.
  • to provide learning activities and materials that are concrete, real, and meaningful to the lives of children;
  • to develop confidence to express one’s self through proficiency in both the English and Chinese languages;
  • to create an environment that allows children to utilize problem-solving techniques with peers and adult in social situations with guidance and supervision needed.

Curricular Offering

Toddler and Nursery

As early as two and three years old, children could already express themselves with minds that are like sponge which can easily absorb what we impart to them. Aside from the academic subjects such as Reading, Language, Math and Science, and Chinese, children are made aware of their surroundings starting with themselves such as having the sense of body image and their increasing independence in caring for their own needs like using the bathroom, washing hands, etc. From themselves, we then move on to making them be aware of the people around them. We teach and measure how well they can get along with adults and other children. Here, we can see their ability to play with other children, follow classroom rules, and take turns and even sharing.

Kinder 1 and 2

At these levels, children are taught to be more independent, not only in doing different activities but with their decision making as well. Here, concepts in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Filipino and Chinese are thoroughly discussed to ensure that children can cope up with the class or even in Grade 1. Lessons are also taught more comprehensively as the teachers make use of different kinds of manipulative enhancing their understanding of a certain topic, hence, all of our activities are child-centered and are mostly sensorial in nature. Kids are also given the chance to express themselves through recitations and engaging themselves with different activities related to the lessons being taught in class. They also get to enjoy learning outside their classrooms as we also focus on developing their gross motor skills. With this, we don’t only have our regular P.E. exercises but we also let the kids go around our school to help them explore their surroundings more.

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