Profile of a PIQC Graduate

Profile of a PIQC Graduate

The Philippine Institute of Quezon City, inspired by the blended Filipino-Chinese cultures and guided by traditional values, seeks to form young men and women who will serve the Filipino-Chinese society and create a better future for the next generation in the global community.

Upon completion of the K-12 program, the student will have been molded into a young person who:

  • is Globally Competitive
  • is Innovative
  • is Adaptive
  • is Nationalistic
  • is Technologically Skilled
  • is Socially Responsible


Globally Competitive

PIQC aims to develop graduates who have undeniable strength in character and impeccable competence in skill demonstration and decision-making. Curriculums are based on global trends to ensure students can keep up and succeed in other countries academically and professionally.



A young innovative person has the ability to translate an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value to keep up with the changes and challenges of time. A PIQC graduate is trained to become a problem solver in the society he lives in.



The ability of the students to easily and continuously improve their skills through blended learning of digital instruction and conventional teaching in order to reflect their social and practical  competence of daily skills and meet the demands of everyday living.



A PIQC graduate has a sense of national identity, developed love for his country, and skills on analysing the nation’s problems and solutions. He has enough knowledge about his roots and ancestors. Furthermore, he believes and identifies himself in the spirit and aspirations of the Filipino-Chinese people.


Technologically Skilled

A PIQC graduate shows that he is comfortable in the field of modern technology. He effectively manipulates computer system, gadgets, and electronic devices to keep up on the demand of the modern society. He is able to apply knowledge of technology appropriately and effectively in his daily life.


Socially Responsible

A socially responsible PIQC graduate lives a life dedicated to actively responding to the needs of others towards the realization of the school’s mission and vision and acknowledging his role in community building to create ripples of change in the society. Likewise, it means utilizing the knowledge and skills learned in school to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

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