Chinese Department

Chinese Department

At Philippine Institute of Quezon City, our goal is to help our students develop into well-rounded individuals by providing the most complete education from kindergarten to high school. In addition to instructions in English and Filipino, our Chinese curriculum focuses on building strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, so that our students can be certified at HSK level 4 by Grade 10, and HSK level 5 or 6 by Grade 12.

To facilitate learning Chinese in a non-native environment, we use “Easy Steps to Chinese” as our textbook. This syllabus stresses the importance of practice in learning a language by utilizing the multiple facets of the Chinese culture – art, music, crafts, dancing, and calligraphy to promote constant exposure to the language. Our program also takes advantage of the richness of Chinese literature, such as illustrated books, children’s literature and Chinese idiom stories, to develop good reading habits and instill important values in our students.

In addition, our teachers use advanced audio-visual technology to provide a dynamic environment conducive to learning. Philippine Institute of Quezon City wants to provide an education that builds intellectual, physical, moral, social and cultural strengths.

We hope to be part of your children’s learning experience and please contact us with any questions.

計順菲華中學從幼兒園至高中部 ,均有健全的中文教學方案, 貴子女將接受聽、說、讀、寫多元全面的指導。中文教師亦具有使用電腦教學的能力,我們利用課室的電子板或投影儀 提供更具吸引力的教學 而獲得更佳的教學效果。

學習中文並非難事,我們選擇適合本地華文語境的「輕鬆學中文」為教材,強調「精講多練」的原則,加強口語訓練,以及完善的教學方案,包括歌謠吟唱 、勞作、美術、國樂、舞蹈,以及中國書法等聯課活動,習得中華文化之美。

自我閱讀能力的培養 也是我們另一學習特色,貴子女可透過兒童繪本、童話名著、中國成語故事之閱讀 養成良好讀書習慣 ,並且塑造其個人優良品德。

我們的目標導向在德智體群美五育均衡發展,預計 貴子女在初中畢業(Gr 10)時,可取得HSK四級的資格認證,高中畢業(Gr12)時,擁有HSK五級或六級的華語文使用能力。

至盼 貴子女和我們一起努力學習,如有任何疑問 歡迎和我們保持聯絡。

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