MAPEH and Computer

MAPEH and Computer Department

The Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health Program is not only designed to cater the skin-dipped necessities of the secondary students, but also to enhance the students’ intrapersonal, social and emotional dealings. Hence, the course includes activities, new ideas, updates information and creative plans for effective and appealing MAPEH program.

In Music Education, music is not presented as a selective talent but as a tool to develop the musicianship of every students. Using the program, expression of one’s emotions through the use of elements of music and its different forms, categories or elements is the least practical goal of the music program.

Arts has been a part of every creative mind. In seeing the different practical applications of arts in daily life is one of the best output of the program. (E.g. origami and recycling).

Physical Education Program is greatly grounded in physical sports to develop the students’ understanding on balance and fit living. In addition, sportsmanship, competitiveness and the focus to excel in a certain sport are great incorporations of the program.

Health Education Program takes changes in making the students understand the simple quotation, “Health is Wealth”. The program includes discussions on how diseases / sickness occur and what can be done to stop or lessen or better, to prevent them. Appealing to the learners’ sense of responsibility, responsible early adulthood is presented in Reproductive Health discussions and First Aid trainings and discussion about Drugs.

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