English Department

The main goal for teaching English at PIQC is to equip students to use the language for academic purposes. Thus, through teaching for structural accuracy and functional use, students are prepared to speak and write academic discourses such as essays, book reviews, literary critiques, various forms of public speech and the like. Aside from this, students are also trained to communicate in English beyond academic pursuits. Simulated situations are staged in class where students use the language to communicate in contexts such as dealing with conflicts, solving problems of various natures, achieving short term goals and the like.

All the skills developed in class are reinforced and enhanced by the Scholastic Reading Program implemented by English teachers of all levels. This program takes reading as the most basic form of literacy, which aids all learners in their pursuit of greater, more complex knowledge and skills. Teachers assist students in their journey from being compelled to read to enjoying reading as a tool for both equipping and enrichment. The students’ engagement with written texts consequently widens not only their worldview but also their repertoire of language devices they could use to meet communicative needs in and out of class.

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue for Grades 1 to 3 trains pupils to use conversational English in various life situations. From answering getting-to-know-you questions to explaining reasons for absences, extending hospitality and the like, pupils learn how to respond appropriately in English to people in different circumstances in daily life.The curriculum is specially designed not only to prepare pupils for communicative tasks but also to build confidence necessary for successful interlocution.

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