Science Department

The PIQC science curriculum was developed to provide much of the hands-on type of learning since the Science department advocates the pedagogical theory of Learning-by-Doing. We use textbooks as one of the tools to acquire scientific knowledge, but we require students to accomplish more different interactive activities which will help our students to enhance their interest in science and let them become more active in learning. It is, therefore, important that we provide our students with science conceptsto help them utilize science process skills properly.

PIQC follows a spiral progression of learning concepts and skills in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Astronomy, and Physics. The PIQC science curriculum is reinforced with the DEPED K to 12 science curriculum. So whether or not the students choose to be involved with science and technology later on, the students are provided with competencies significant to the society which will enable them to respond to the needs of the global community and exhibit respect for life and the environment.

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