Vision & Mission

School Philosophy

“PIQC, through a united effort, believes in the dynamic formation of a holistic individual immersed in a diverse Filipino-Chinese culture to become a globally competitive citizen.”

The Philippine Institute of Quezon City anchors on the preservation of Chinese culture overseas rooted from the ancient ancestors. It is interwoven with the different non-Chinese cultures as it seeks to prepare students to live in a diverse Filipino and Chinese cultures. As a preschool, middle, junior and senior high school, it seeks to achieve the purposes and aims of an institution of formation and learning.

As a Filipino-Chinese school, it serves the Filipino-Chinese community by promoting and preserving its unique blended cultural heritage. It also prepares its students to become well-rounded Filipino-Chinese individuals who are globally competitive, innovative, adaptive, nationalistic, technologically skilled, and socially responsible.

As a college Preparatory school, the Philippine Institute of Quezon City offers an academic program based on discipline and self-improvement which seeks the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as well as to instill in the students values of responsibility and socio-civic awareness for an effective citizenry and global competitiveness.

With a united effort and together as one family and as a community, PIQC seeks to achieve the goal of being the center of advancement in a blended Filipino-Chinese culture and arts, science and technology and work together to create a better future for the next generation.



PIQC seeks to produce students who are immersed in a Filipino-Chinese culture and who will be able to live comfortably in a globally competitive and dynamic world.



As a diverse Filipino-Chinese school, PIQC seeks to:

  • P – Promote the development of a holistic individual
  • I – Inculcate the values of Filipino-Chinese heritage and culture
  • Q – Quests for academic excellence and formation
  • C – Cultivate critical thinking skills

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