Mathematics Department

Mathematics Curriculum of Philippine Institute of Quezon City is advanced. It exceeds the course prescribed by Department of Education in each grade level. Aside from the regular math class, one of the programs of PIQC in math, is the special math training. This program promotes and enhances the extraordinary abilities of students in the field of math. It also provides incentives to special math trainees. Furthermore, math trainees join different math competitions both in local and international.

The contents of mathematics curriculum include Numbers and Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, Patterns & Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

Numbers and Number Sense as an aspect includes concepts of numbers, properties, operations, estimation and their applications.

Measurement as an aspect includes the use of numbers and measures to describe, understand and compare mathematical and concrete objects. It focuses on attributes such as length, mass and weight, capacity, time, money and temperature among others, as well as applications involving perimeter, area, surface area, volume and angle measure.

Geometry as an aspect includes properties of two- and three-dimensional figures and their relationships, spatial visualization, reasoning and geometric modeling and proofs.

Patterns and Algebra as an aspect studies patterns including sequences and series, relationships and changes among shapes and quantities and includes the use of algebraic notations and symbols, equations and most importantly, functions, to represent and analyze relationships.

Statistics and Probability as an aspect is all about developing skills in collecting and organizing data using charts, tables and graphs, understanding, analyzing and interpreting data, dealing with uncertainty and making predictions and outcomes.

Trigonometry as an aspect studies the trigonometric functions and their graphs, trigonometric identities, circular functions, inverse functions, and the trigonometry of triangles.

Pre-Calculus as an aspect studies functions including algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions and applications. It also studies analytic geometry.

Calculus as an aspect studies functions and limits, derivatives and its applications, and integrals and its applications.

The Mathematics Curriculum provides a solid and substantial foundation for Mathematics at College Level. Significantly, it provides necessary concepts, experiences, and life skills needed by each learner as they progress to the next stage in their life.

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