“The Switch 2019”

by: Brycen Galo Midel of Gr. 12-Stem

After the celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival, one of the most awaited events of the school year is “The Switch” also known as “Student -Teachers’ day”.Grades 10 to 12 students took over the loads of the teachers last September 26, 2019. As students, we are somehow lucky enough that the school grants us events like this where we get to experience the life of being a teacher.

The switch was planned several weeks before the actual date came and we were given an opportunity to choose the teacher we would like to emulate. It was pretty exciting to see our names reserved on a specific field of grade level or the teacher itself. As for me, I chose to teach in preschool since I love teaching children.

As for my personal experience, the switch was pretty exhausting but memorable. Me and my partner, Joemar Yu, decided to teach Chinese since we both have deep interests in the Chinese language. Our teachers assigned us to Kinder 1 and Kinder 2, a stage where the pupils start to bloom. We taught Chinese language and Chinese math to the kindergarten pupils and I can say that it went pretty well, but, of course, each classroom has a specific level of difficulty especially when it comes to maintaining order and discipline. Honestly, Kinder 2 was manageable while Kinder was a big challenge for us. Moreover, the feeling of sharing our knowledge to these young pupils was extremely satisfying, pleasing, at the same time heartwarming. The tapping of tiny fingers behind our backs, the raising of hands for questions, the wide smiles across their faces and the soft melody within their voices. More so, to see how proud they are as they share their completion and achievement of the worksheets we gave made me feel like a real teacher. Each child we taught had their own unique and adorable personalities, and it was interesting to know them more, sadly, the switch only occurred in one day. With what I have experienced, I can say that this year’s “The Switch 2019” will forever be etched in my heart.

Children are special in their own ways, every one of them has their own talents and specialties. If only I could come back in the future switch day I would definitely do so because it pays to always discover a room full of unique and special children for it creates another story and memory by the end of the day.

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