ACSCU Accreditation’s Formal Visit

During their preliminary visits last October 2018 for Preschool, and last January 2019 for the Elementary and Junior High School, the accrediting team from the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities, or ACSCU, made mention of the areas that the school needs to improve on as well the ones that would just need to be polished so as the school will maintain its educational standard. After which, they gave their approval for a formal visit for our application for a level 1 accreditation. So, after months of hard work, the whole PIQC community, embarked on the said formal visit last July 29 to August 2. During these times, the ACSCU accrediting team, headed by their chairman, Dr. Jacinta P. Corpuz, again, went through the process of looking into school documents, visiting offices, and observing classes. But one of the most anticipated part of their visit was when they interviewed the members of the school community from the staff, faculty, administration, students and of course, the parents.

The recent ACSCU visit is very important to us because Passing level 1 means that PIQC will have the edge of being recognized as one of the private schools who has maintain the standard of education as professed by our faculty and students. More so, the school will also be at par with other schools in being acknowledged as one of the private schools who gives quality education. Nonetheless, the ACSCU visit may have entailed anxious reactions from most of us, but, surprisingly, the journey was fun and even gave us a deeper learning experience that is, indeed, one for the books!

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