Two PIQCians win in different international math competitions

By:  Ms. Ghia R. Relucio, Math Subject Area Coordinator

Last July 26-30, 2019, the Philippine Team from MTG participated in the 3D Cup Pan Asia Pacific Math Competition held in Xi’an, China where one of PIQC’s pride, Erin Megan Chao, was one of the recipients of the Bronze Award under the Middle Primary Division – Individual Category.

On the other hand, the 2019 Asia International mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) which is an annual international Olympiad competition that originated in Hong Kong, a platform to improve critical thinking skills and exchange knowledge to promote educational and cultural development.  Our very own, Fallon Kynan Co, won a silver award in the said competition.

On top of that, AIMO union also conducted the World Mathematical Games Open (WMGO) which aims to give an avenue to math wizards to explore the beauty of Mathematics through playing games. Kynan battled all the way to the top and declared as the over-all Champion in Grade 8 out of all the student-participants from Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Australia.

Again, congratulations!  Your PIQC Family is proud of you!

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