edit_low_9741To prepare for the coming school year, PIQC hosted a Parents’ Orientation Day last June 10. It was an opportunity for teachers and parents to get to know one another as well as discuss new policies and programs of the school. It was that same day that faculty and staff had an enriching visit form the Chairman of the Board of the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Quezon City, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro.

Dr. Pedro took time off from his busy schedule to personally speak, particularly to the teachers, about his views on modern education and the need to be relevant educators. He inspired PIQC teachers to become even more challenged by the competition around the region, citing neighboring countries Singapore’s and Malaysia’s rapid advancement in the field. It is high time that the Philippines also raise its bar of excellence, and he as an advocate of education, promises to contribute whatever he can to bring forth improvement and progress.

He also emphasized the important role teachers have to play. With the emergence of internet as a vital tool in learning, teachers need to familiarize themselves to keep up with their students. To accentuate this point, Dr. Pedro shared a story of a 95-year old women, Rev. Aimee Ada Coryell founder of DEAF Inc., who still learns to use modern day gadgets. There is no excuse for the younger generation therefore not to keep abreast with the times. And more so modern educators have no reason to be ignorant to technology.

One of the most poignant points of Dr. Pedro’s sharing came when he likened life, composed of the body, the mind, and the soul, to a school that should also be made up of these three parts. The building of the physical self represents the body, the knowledge imparted to students is the mind, and the values passed on in spiritual education represent the soul.

As models, teachers have the distinct opportunity to convey lessons that will help build young informative minds, putting emphasis on science, math, English, and Chinese. Therefore every single word of action that comes from teachers should be with proper care and credence. For instance, only a healthy and active teacher will be credible to promote lifestyle wellness to students, a growing aspect of education that is necessary in schools today. Sports like basketball for men and volleyball for women will be given more support. At the same time, a morally upright educator will be best to mentor on important values like respect and perseverance, some things that Dr. Pedro observes to be absent in many of the youth.

The school should also be an avenue to encourage the growth of creative expression. He encourage PIQC to strengthen its program in art appreciation. This way, students will be better exposed to different forms of art to include playing musical instruments, singing, and dancing.

Dr. Pedro’s challenge to the teachers was met with positive enthusiasm. Their faces showed the encouragement they felt knowing there is this one man that appreciates their hard work and dedication. And even though there are numerous difficulties in the profession, Dr. Pedro is positive that improvements will come in due time. It is a matter of persevering and trusting that teachers were call for a purpose and this noble mission ultimately is to make difference for the glory of God.

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