Nutrition Month Celebration 2019

By:  Althea Joelle Ty, Grade 12 STEM

It is that time of the year once again where we reflect on ourselves and try to live as healthy as possible. Although this should be done on a daily basis, the Nutrition Month celebration can help remind us or serve as our initiative to start. For this year’s celebration, we have the theme “Kumain ng Wasto at Maging Aktibo, Push Natin Toh!” The activity was held last August 2, 2019 and the Student Council, along with the TLE and MAPEH departments, prepared various activities for all the students to take part in and enjoy.

The day started off with a morning program held at the auditorium. There was a short talk by Mr. Paul Pepito of Fit City about living a healthy lifestyle, which was followed by a Zumba session by the MAPEH teachers headed by Mr. Darwin Espino. It was actually a fun “icebreaker” to start the day.

After the morning program, different activities for the different grade levels took place. For the grades 1 to 6 pupils, a film viewing of various educational videos was held in their respective classes which was followed by a poster making activity for the grades 1 to 3, and a costume making activity out of recycled materials for grades 4 to 6.  As for the junior high school students, some of them were selected and were mixed together into groups from different levels to participate in the Amazing/Relay Race. The first round of the event required that they go through different stations with different challenges in order to complete their task card. The first two teams to finish were able to go through to the final round which was a relay race. After some physical activities, the last team standing consists of Jessica (grade 7), Erin and Lance (grade 8), Justine and Kellene (grade 9), Neil (grade 10), Kendryck and Sophia (grade 11), and Lester and Niexel (grade 12).  The rest of the students who did not participate in the event were tasked to make a song or a jingle related to nutrition.

Unfortunately, the cancellation of classes has forced us to make necessary adjustments in acknowledging the ones who did well in the different activities. Hence, the judging for these events will be rescheduled but will no longer be done in an assembly. However, announcement of winners will be posted in the PIQC Facebook page.

With that, on behalf of the Student Council and the MAPEH and TLE departments, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the teachers, pupils, and students who participated and helped make our Nutrition Month celebration a success.

To God be the Glory!

Photos by Jessica Phi, Brycen Midel, and Julia Gicalao

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