Student’s Orientation SY 2019 – 2020

PIQC community was filled with enthusiasm as we begin SY 2019 – 2020 with a students’ orientation.

The program formally open when the school directress, Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei, gave her heart-felt welcome for the students, the faculty, and the rest of the school administrators and staff.  This was followed by the APSAF, Mrs. Janette Ty, as she explained the school’s philosophy as well as its core values.  Moreover, Mrs. Ty asked for the students and faculty’s help for the upcoming ACSCU accreditation this July, in which both the necessary parties involved agreed to extend their help.  The discipline officer, on the other hand, with the embodiment of Mrs. Celina Bustillos, expounded on the importance of the school policies highlighting the importance of discipline and respect that are expected from the students.  Mrs. Bustillos was followed by the Head Guidance Counsellor, Dr. Reian Gonzales, who talked about the importance of having someone who understands you inside the school.  He also emphasized on the willingness and the help that the guidance office has to offer the students.

After the formalities of the different school offices, the Student Activities Coordinator talked about the school activities for the school year which includes both the co-curricular and the extra-curricular clubs.  He introduced the new clubs for the schoolyear and encouraged the students to choose at least one club for their own preference.  The students responded with much excitement as this adds up to the things that they will look forward to this year.  The school activities were followed by an introduction from the Senior High School Supervisor, Dr. Alicia Padua, who talked about what the school can offer should the students choose to stay at PIQC for their senior years, she also encouraged everyone to continue to trust the school as it works for the betterment of each students.  Dr. Padua was followed by the APAA, Mrs. Liezyl Tamayo, who talked about the academic matters of the school, the highlight of which was when she introduced all the Subject Area Coordinators (SAC) who will work hand in hand with her.

The students’ orientation gave fresh start for everyone that with the community’s cooperation we will certainly have a promising schoolyear ahead!

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