PIQC Mathletes Win 6 Medals in 2018 NPCFM

The Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines, in cooperation with Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines and with the full support and recognition of the Department of Education, conducted the 2018 National Parallel Challenge for the Future Mathematicians last December 8. The National Parallel CFM is national in form because the participants competed among themselves. It is international in substance and scope because the contest papers are the same as those of the CFM in Indonesia and some CFM rules and regulations were applied.

The following students joined the said contest and won awards:

1. Jasmine Angela P. Yu, Grade 3 – Bronze Award

2. Jann Denise Huang, Grade 5 – Bronze Award

3. Euan Veniz Caisip, Grade 7 – Silver Award

4. Fallon Kynan Co, Grade 8 – Silver Award

5. Sophia C. Manding, Grade 8 – Bronze Award

6. Ysabel B. Calderon, Grade 10 – Bronze Award

Congratulations to everyone! We are all proud of you.

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