A  3-day activity was held on the week of  4 February 2019 to celebrate the following: (1) Chinese New Year (2) Founding Anniversary (3) Scimatech.


The celebration of the Chinese New Year was held at the PIQC Quadrangle on February 4. The program included the participations of the PIQC Drum Group, Instrument Group, Dance Group and reflections student reflections from different grade levels, namely;  Andy Wang, Grade 11 STEM, Jeng Je Wu, Grade 3 Unity;  Fallon Kynan C Co, Grade 8 Simplicity;  Amy Jiang Grade 5 Honesty, and Faustine Eileen T Sy Grade 10 Responsibility. The highlight was the rendition of songs by the PIQC Glee Club who recently was awarded champion in an interschool competition.

On February 6, the Founding Anniversary celebration was held at the Auditorium. Dr Cecilio K Pedro, outgoing President of FCCCQC graced the affair and gave an inspirational talk to the community. He mentioned that education is a responsibility of both the school and the home. He also reminded everyone that for a successful education, the following must be considered : (1) Partnership (2) Information (3) Quality education (4) Character.

The Subject Areas of Science, Math, and Technology integrated and designed activities to enforce learning done in the classroom. The activities included Science Magic, Amazing Race, and watching documentaries on climate change.

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