A challenge to PIQCians to L.E.A.D.

In lieu of choosing the next student leaders for the next school year, the Student Council spearheaded a leadership talk last Feb. 14 which aims to encourage and motivate our students in trying to develop the heart of a leader in them. Who else is best to share ideas on leadership but by one who is an expert himself, thus, we were lucky to have been graced by Rev. Don Huan as our guest speaker for that morning. Rev.  Don Huan is a pastor to numerous churches such as the HIS LIFE Q.C., Wisdom Light Christian Academy, Makati Hope Christian School, St, Stephen’s Parish at also at Caloocan Baptist Church. He is also said to be expert in speaking to large audiences for he was trained and now a coach himself under John Maxwell who is a renowned American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership.

Pastor Allan, Rev. Don Huan, Mrs. Janette Ty (APSAF)

Rev. Huan gave an inspiring message on true leadership by making use of the acronym from the word L.E.A.D.. Each one of us is a leader in our own right, but in order to be effective, one has got to have the heart to L.E.A.D. To be a leader, according to Rev. Huan, one should never stop Learning, a person should not stop with simply with what he/she knows but should continue on finding answers to a lot of questions. As a leader, people will look up to you and it pays to be able to project to your followers that they made the right choice. Next, to be a leader, one has to be a good Example, as Rev. Huan mentioned, “you do not let other people do what you cannot do,” to be a good leader is to show others that they can do something because you trust their abilities and that because you yourself have gone through it, you do not ask them to do something that you yourself cannot do it.  Also,  in order to lead a person should also have not only the right, but also a positive Attitude – A good leader keeps the mood of his/her team with a balance between productivity and playfulness, because if your team is feeling happy and upbeat, chances are they won’t mind doing extra work or even staying that extra hour to accomplish a task.

 Last but not the least, to lead is to have the Determination- Leaders should also be self-driven to work harder in wanting to achieve better results for their team, they are the driving force in the team and also someone the team could look up to and encourage the rest to work together.

The talk was short, but it sure made an impact to our students especially those who feel that they are not responsible enough to be leaders. With the help of Rev. Huan’s words, PIQCians get to have a bigger picture of what really it is to be a leader, though, hopefully, aside from this, they get to realize that apart from the hard work and responsibility, being a leader is also making a difference, not for oneself, but for others.

By: Janette Ty

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