A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Promenade

Last Saturday, February 23, 2019, was the annual Junior and Senior Annual Prom held at the PIQC auditorium with the theme influenced by one of Shakespeare’s famous plays, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.

For the first time at PIQC, Grades 10, 11, and 12 joined together to hold a prom. Some School Administrators and teachers attended the ball and enjoyed the evening with the students.

The auditorium was transformed into a ballroom, stylish and sophisticated, adorned with flowers. The door was beautifully set-up that provided an entrance for the fabulous looking Senior High School students.

There was a photobooth where students and teachers lined up to capture the unforgettable night.

The event started with a prayer led by Celine Paculan,  ABM Grade 11, and followed by an opening remarks done by Jessica Phi, STEM Grade 11. One of the highlights of the evening was the passing of the key of the Grade 12 Batch president, Kyla Villajuan to the Batch President of Grade 11, Jessica Phi. The ceremony symbolized the passing of responsibility from the Grade 12 to Grade 11.

After the ceremony, the Grade 11 students performed the cotillion which was choreographed by Mr. Darwin Espino, Sports and MAPEH Coordinator. The sumptuous dinner was served by Voices.

The ball also showcased the talents of selected students like Allister Gutierrez of Grade 12,  Frinz Chan, Alexia Go and Karl Yap  of Grade 11 and finally, Juvencia Clares, Vince Sy, Euan Urqiuola, Danica Ong, Queenie Ledesma, Maurice Pagkalinawan, Matthew Khow, and Joriz Cruz of Grade 10.

The event was completed by the crowning of the Duke and Duchess, Prince and Princess, and Prom King and Queen of the night. An award for best suit and gown were also awarded.

Award Name of Student Grade Level Section/Strand
Duke Maurice Pagkalinawan 10 Responsibility
Duchess Yezha Ongsitco 10 Trustworthiness
Prince Lester Cereno 11 STEM
Princess Amber Chiu 11 STEM
Best Dress Gyla Alejandre 11 STEM
Best Suit Aldrin Nicdao 12 STEM
Prom King Kristian Gorospe 12 ABM
Prom Queen Kyla Villajuan 12 STEM

The lead organizers of the event were the following: Jessica Phi, Celine Paculan, Elijah Rome Jacinto, John Allister Gutierrez.

The prom was a venue for the Senior High School students to be together before the Grade 12 finally leave PIQC. It was also a time to relax and enjoy the night in their beautiful evening gowns and suits.

By: Jessica Phi

Photobooth photos grabbed from Hepburn Prints FB page

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