PIQCians chose their next Student Leaders

Yesterday, Feb. 21, The PIQC Student Council held an election for the student leaders for Academic year 2019-2020. This was participated by students from grades 5-12 with a turnout of 247 votes. For its 2nd year, the election was done through an online voting which was prepared by the T.L.E. coordinator and Asst. to the principal, Ms. Michelle Co.

During the election, Grades 5 and 6 pupils voted in the Computer Laboratories, while the students from Grade 7 to 11 stayed in their rooms and utilized their iPads to cast their votes.

The candidate who garnered the highest votes from grades 5-10 and the top 3 winners from grades 10 and 11 will serve as the Student Council EXECOM, while the students who garnered the next higher number of votes will serve as batch representatives.

The following emerged as winners and will be members of

Student Council for SY 2019-2020:


  Names Grade level
Elijah Vien B. Caisip Grade 5 (Incoming Grade 6)
Iana Vrien

ne R. Marquez

Grade 6 (Incoming Grade 7)
Andrea Alyan

a Sy

Grade 7 (Incoming Grade 8)
Jimwell Jetthansen Li Grade 8 (Incoming Grade 9)
Rhafhael O


Grade 9 (Incoming Grade 10)
Juvencia Clares Grade 10 (Incoming Grade 11)
Jessica Phi Grade 11 (Incoming Grade 12)

Congratulations to our next Student Leaders! We know that you are the chosen ones because YOU CAN, and WILL, continue to help the entire school community in fulfilling its goals of bringing out the G.I.A.N.T.S. in each one of us. KUDOS!

By: Janette Ty

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