13th G-EPIC (SY2019-2020)

On the 21st of January, the Philippine Institute of Quezon City showed that its students are equipped to become leaders that can make a difference.  The school was invited to partake in Grace Christian College’s 13th G-EPIC, which was held on the said date. The Grace-English Proficiency Inter-school Competition is an annual program being held for the past thirteen years. With, “The Youth, Thoroughly Equipped Today, Will Be the Leaders That Make a Difference Tomorrow”, for this year’s theme.

Four students, from the tenth grade were sent to represent the school and compete under the supervision of Miss Cielo Ballesteros. Despite it being the first time for the school to join, they won second place in the speech category with Marc Geroe Balanon as their representative.

When we talk about youth, one often reminisces about their once upon a time. Back to the days when the only thing they worried about was who got to play on the swing set first. As they look back, all they could probably think of was how carefree it was to be young. How they wish they could turn back time to relish another day without the responsibilities they are now carrying upon their shoulders.

What people tend to forget is the essence of youth. They tend to forget that youth is where anything can happen.

The youth can be leaders. Leaders who can take a stand against obstacles. Leaders who use their voices to lead everyone to a brighter future— leaders who can make tomorrow happen. The youth, thoroughly equipped today, will be the leaders that make a difference tomorrow.

Youth is the time when one can start to conquer. The time when one can start to hope and dream. It is when the youth is given the chance to step out of the safe confines of their comfort zones to explore the unknown where not everything is catered to their every desire. Although the path may seem rough, the youth is equipped with a lot of things that can and will help them reach beyond the finish line.

They were equipped with their voice, and knowledge, but what mattered to them most was being able to dream. To them, the four representatives, being equipped wasn’t enough to reach a goal. To reach a goal, they needed to dream. To dream like the dreamers. Artists, musicians, writers— those who strive for a better world through ideas outside the box.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can start making a difference today?

Thea Marie C. Santos

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