PIQC Students Joins 2020 International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition (IKMC)

Eight of our matheletes joined the 2020 International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition (IKMC), held last June 27, 2020, and achieved awards in their own respective divisions. Below is the list of winners:

1. Kaylee B. Calderon( Middle Primary Division) -Credit Award

2.Jasmine Angela P. Yu( Middle Primary Division)- Bronze Award

3.Sebastian B. Calderon( Upper Primary Division)-Gold Award

4. Elijah Vien Caisip- ( Upper Primary Division)- Credit Award

5. Carmella Tan-( Junior Division)- Credit Award

6. Euan Veniz Caisip-( Junior Division)-Bronze Award

7. Fallon Kynan CO-(Intermediate Division)-Silver Award

8. Ysabel B. Calderon-( Senior Division)-Credit Award


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