Grade 12 Students Visit the Green Cross Incorporated and Lamoiyan Corporation

The Grade 12 students had a great time in their exposure trip last 11 January 2018. The trip was an educational tour as a supplement of their Research subject to make the students see the application of what they learn in the classroom. The objectives of the trip were to learn the following based on observations:

  1. How a product is produced starting from the raw materials
  2. The flow of the different processes involved in manufacturing
  3. The possible careers that they plan to explore
  4. The roles the different people play in the workplace

The Grade 12 students were accompanied by their teachers, Dr. Alicia Padua and Lorence Villacrusis. The School Directress and the Principal also joined them as they accepted the invitation for lunch from one of the owners of the Green Cross Laboratories, Mr. Anthony Co, in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Everybody joined Mr. Co for lunch at the Palms Country Club in Alabang.

 The tour at the Green Cross Inc took place from 8AM-11:30AM. The students were able to see the actual diagram of the production of Zonrox, from the preparation of raw materials to the packaging of the bottles of different sizes to the picking-up by the delivery truck ready for distribution to the market.

The students arrived at the Lamoiyan Corporation at 1:45PM. The Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro gave an inspirational talk where he narrated how he started his business, how he fought the big companies of Colgate and Unilever and found himself standing at the shoulders of the giants. He told the students that anyone can find himself attaining success by doing and being guided by the acronym SPIRIT (social responsibility, pursuit, integrity, respect, innovation, and teamwork). After his talk, Dr. Pedro accompanied the students to a tour of the place that started from the laboratory to the packaging of the different types of Hapee toothpaste. Other products of Lamoiyan are Kutitap  and Gumtect toothpastes, Dazz dishwashing paste/liquid, and Licealiz for lice infestations.

Both Lamoiyan and Green Cross distributed to the students samples of their products.The exposure trip lasted until 4:45PM.

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