Grade 6 Graduation Day

The Philippine Institute of Quezon City (PIQC) held its commencement exercises through Facebook live for the Grade 6 graduating class of 2021, with the theme “Enduring Life’s Challenges Towards Success”. The virtual event last May 22, 2021 was attended by parents, teachers, students, and guests alike. 

This year’s graduation is truly remarkable for this batch faced the challenges of a new shift in the academe which is online learning. The students had to attend classes in front of their screens, lessons are given through online video meetings, teachers, friends, and classmates can only be reached through online platforms. However, despite the difficult circumstances brought about by the pandemic, this year’s batch proved to be G.I.A.N.T.S. – Globally competitive, Innovative, Adaptive, Nationalistic, Technologically-skilled and Socially responsible. These characteristics were seen in the achievements and the successes of the graduates which was presented during the virtual graduation. 

The virtual event started with a prayer led by the batch’s first honorable mentionEdrian Ko. Followed by an introduction for the guest speaker by Christine Lao the batch’s salutatorian. The guest speaker Dr. Jeanette Yu-Chua spoke about the theme for this year’s graduation. She left three main points as an encouragement for the graduates in their journey towards junior high school, which is to: (1) dream big, (2) work hard, and (3) develop EQ skills

This was followed by the presentation and confirmation of graduates which was headed by the Assistant Principal for Academic AffairsAPAA, Mrs. Liezyl Tamayo and by the beloved School Directress, Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei.

The achievements and successes of the completers were also celebrated during the virtual ceremony which was headed once again by the APAA, and the Chinese Supervisor, Mrs. Kelly Ong. Shortly after, the Chinese and English graduates were presented by their English Class Adviser, Mrs. Yoradyl Faith Seguritan, and their Chinese Class Adviser, Mrs. Amalia Yu. 

Afterwards, everyone was treated by a video presentation about the journey of the Grade 6 graduates through pictures with the song “A Million Dreams” sang by their very own batch mate, Carlen Mhea Jao. Lastly, the class valedictorian, Elaine Cham gave her words of gratitude for the entire PIQC community. 

An in memoriam was also included in the program as the PIQC family celebrated the life of Mr. Ferdinand Manabat or Kuya Ferdie, one of the maintenance personnel of the school, and Mrs. Zeny Clemente or Ma’am Zeny who was one of the teachers in the English faculty. As the saying goes, “gone, but not forgotten,” the PIQC family will surely remember the sacrifices and the love given by two of the family members whom we lost during this trying times. 

Through the success of the virtual graduation, we have seen how the entire community composed of the parents, guardians, teachers, admin staff and students worked together to ensure that the quality of education will not be jeopardized. With the continuous support of our PIQC community, and with the help of our Creator, the school will move forward to endure life’s challenges towards success. 

Congratulations, graduates!

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