Language Week : An Afternoon Around The World

In celebration of the Language Week, activities and contests for students were all successfully completed last October 25, 2017.  There was a Story Telling Contest, with the contestants from the elementary levels with 3 divisions: Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3 and 4, Grades 5 and 6.  All the contestants were given a minimum of 4 minutes and a maximum of 6 minutes to tell the story. They are allowed to use costumes and props to deliver the story well. All in all, the winners in the Story Telling Contest are Cleona Penelope Lao for Grade 1 and 2 category, Trisha Santiago for Grade 3 and 4 and, Euan Caisip for Grade 5 and 6.

While others are in the story telling contest, the other Grade School students had their exciting activities together with the High School students. The Activity is entitled An Afternoon Around the World, in which each student has a passport to enter and play games in different booths containing mini games about the English Language. After being challenged and successful to different activities, every child deserves to get their prizes or their loot bags full of goodies from the Facilitators. The activities’ goal is to promote language diversity through effective communication.

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