Language Week Culminating Activity 2017

“Every beginning shall come to an end” as they said and it is appropriate to what happened last October 27, 2017, as the English and Chinese department held their Culminating Activity to close the Language Week 2017.

It is a fun filled day for all of us where the students and even some of the teachers dressed up as their favorite book character. It is a day where the winners for Characters in Book Parade, Storytelling, Spelling, Chinese Writing and Chinese Idiom were given an award.

A day where in the students from different levels showcased their hidden talents from storytelling, with the titles of, David Gets in Trouble by Cleona Penelope Lao from Grade 1, The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog by Trisha Santiago from Grade 4 and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Euan Caisip from Grade 6.

The selected pupils from grades 1 to 3 performed Reader’s Theater entitled Humpty Dumpty. Talented students named Mika Chao, Amber Chiu and Thea Marie Cua sing beautiful Chinese Songs (Boat Song and Hand and Hand).

A declamation entitled Thanksgiving was perfomed by the Grade 10 students, Teacher by the Grade 3 students and A Teacher’s Smile by the Grade 6 students. Also, the students from Grades 4 to 6 delivered their winning piece The Wind in a speech choir.

The Grade 10 performed a wonderful play about Olaf and other Disney Characters that the little ones enjoyed while the students from Grades 7 to 9 gave us an amazing musical play, Beauty and the Beast. The proud parents and, of course, the mentors can see the fruit of the week long celebration.

“Whenever a door closes, a window opens”. As the Language Week ended, more learning opportunities are up ahead. Kudos to all the participants and winners! Kudos to all the supportive parents! Kudos to all the teachers!

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