Mr. and Ms. P.I.Q.C.

Aside from the intramurals, one of the most awaited events during the anniversary week of the school is the Mr. and Ms. P.I.Q.C pageant. This year, the said event was held last Feb. 6 where the following pairs of students vie for the title:



Grade 7: The Panthers

Janeeka Cashley Go

Walt Dereck Hutchison

Grade 8: Archers

Randeen Zahfia Lim

Trajan Caesar Moreno

Grade 9: Titans

Pauleen Ysabel Midel

Damian Rico Juan

Grade 10: Spartans

Faustine Eileen Sy

Joriz Ben Kurt Cruz

Grade 12: Drakons

Lindsey Anne Yu

Kristian Gorospe

Mr. and Ms. PIQC is one of the event where participants are able to express themselves and allow people to see them beyond their physical attributes. So, aside from showing off how they present themselves through their sports and formal wear, they also get to showcase their wits and skills through the talent and question and answer portions. Judging the contestants was tough but we were lucky to have been graced by our alumni to help us choose the rightful winners of our special awards, and of course the title – Mr. and Ms. PIQC.

Our alumni judges Marrian Garcia, Lawrence Chua, and Niña Mendoza

Before the event ended, Lindsey Anne Yu and Kristian Gorospe of the batch DRAKONS have proven themselves worthy of the crowns and emerged as Mr. and Ms. PIQC 2019.

Ms. PIQC 2019 Lindsey Anne Yu and Mr. PIQC 2019 Kristian Gorospe

Other special award are:


                                                             1st runner up – Trajan Moreno

            BEST IN TALENT –   Lindsey Yu Talent Portion

            1st runner up –         Kristian Gorospe

            BEST IN Q&A –         Lindsey Yu Q&A

            1st runner up –         Joriz Cruz and Kristian Gorospe

  1. PHOTOGENIC- Trajan Moreno

             1st runner up –          Damian Juan

  1. PHOTOGENIC – Randeen Lim

             1st runner up –          Pauleen Midel 

Mr. and Ms. PIQC may have been one of the momentous events in the lives of these participants, but, this special event have also proven the fact that despite competing against each other through competitions like this, PIQCians never fail to exhibit the camaraderie because we are not just a community, we are a family!

By: Janette Ty

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