PIQC Benchmarks with Ateneo JHS

THE PIQC Principal, Ms. Marissa F. Ayson, has recently gotten the approval of the Ateneo Senior High School (ASHS) and Junior High School (AJHS) Principal, Dr. Carmela C. Oracion, and the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Ms. Ma. Rosario R. Arespacochaga, for PIQC to benchmark with the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School. This means that the AJHS practices and systems are to be adopted in PIQC with the guidance of the AdMU Junior High School. Since the PIQC Principal was a faculty of the Ateneo High School from 1998-2015, the process may be easily facilitated with modifications to make the systems and practices fit in at the PIQC.

PIQC visited the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School in the first of a series school visits last February 21. Classroom observations were done, and the PIQC SACs met with their counterparts for discussion on teaching strategies, lesson plans, tests, and other important details. The Asst. Principal for Student Activities and Formation, Cluster Coordinators, Guidance Counselor, Testing Director, and the Registrar of the AJHS met with Janette Ty, Celina Bustillos, Reian Gonzales, and Adelina Culang. PIQC wants to adopt the reflection sessions that start the day at the AJHS as a start of the formation program at PIQC. More school visits will follow next schoolyear.

Ateneo systems that have been put in place by Ms. Ayson with modifications include the organizational chart, classroom routines, test construction, test design and format, creation of the Parents’ Council, Release of Report Card procedure, parent teacher conferences, Parents Orientation, Special or shortened schedule, computerized grading system, selection and tenure of midlevel supervisors, closer coordination between the guidance and discipline offices.

In May this school year, Ateneo Senior and Junior High School teachers facilitated a teacher training for one week at PIQC. Parallel sessions were held for all the different subject areas.

The formal benchmarking will pave the way for closer ties between Ateneo de Manila Junior High School and PIQC. Plans are also being made for closer coordination between the Senior High School.

JOINING FORCES. The PIQC school officials visit the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School offices for benchmarking.

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