PIQC Celebrates its 54th Foundation Day Having a FunFebtastic Fair

An article by: Mariah Katherine Yap from Grade 12 – STEM

Philippine Institute of Quezon City (PIQC) is a school and foundation originally founded in the year 1964 by Mr. Alfredo Matti and was called Philippine Chinese Institute of Quezon City (PCIQC). Despite the fire incidents the school faced during the years 1971 and 1974, by the support of Dr. Lucio Tan and the strong spirit of the FCCCQC members, the school was built again and it continued to spread education in the best way they can. In order to let everyone know what PIQC has been through, the school celebrates its yearly founding anniversary every February.

On 6-7 February 2018, the whole community had fun while celebrating the 54th Founding Anniversary of the school. There were different activities like the Amazing Race, Research presentations, Quiz Bees, and the school fair dubbed “FunFebtastic Fair”. Booths have their unique business selling techniques and character to make them attract more customers.

A booth named “Heaven & Angel Scents Eau De Parfum”, put up by Ms. Mary Grace Rago, supports communities in the Philippines by donating 10% of its proceeds All-Lights Village Philippines. There was a booth selling variety of pastries by Ms. Michelle Honey Co. Three booths were given to the 3 canteen concessionaires to promote their food products. The Chinese Department grabbed the chance to sell delicious dumplings and affordable radish cakes to make people aware that Chinese New Year is already near. The Student Council had 4 booths, namely, Balloon-Darts, Jail, Song, and Marriage Booths.

There was also a booth that sold Pizzas and Chicken n’ Rice by some staff of the school and the School Director.  A very special station was assigned to Zesto which gave free tasting of their juice products.

The fair was a good way for the Grade 12 ABM class to showcase their business plans and to sell their products which they produced in their Business Enterprise class under Mrs Wendlyn Ligo. In effect, the school fair was co-corricular in nature.

The following outputs were produced by the Grade 12 ABM students. Grade 12 STEM contributed to the success of the ABM by helping them man the booths.

  1. Game Boy’s” a game booth brought together by Juan Carlos Bautista, and assisted by: Jordan Zhang, Johnrick Dipad, Mariah Katherine Yap, Diane Ong and Mark Stanley Ong. The booth aimed to attract the children of PIQC with fun challenging games that tested there abilities, plus the possibility of winning a cool prize; all for the price of as low as 10 pesos. The kids really enjoyed playing the games and kept coming back for more. The children’s consistency and admiration is what led to this booth’s success.
  1. Suds” a booth by Kyla Nicole Sy assisted by Gerwie Lu selling homemade mini lavender soaps from organic products. Another booth by Kyla, “Body Art”, with the help from Caryl Dane Rivera and Sophia Co, promotes kid-friendly body arts to children and they get to choose designs for customization.
  2. L. Crafts” by Mathew Hervey Lim selling unique pen holders, gadget stands, calling card holders and sticky notes holders on a wooden platform with trendy styles. This business was also similar to “LS” by Leonard Sy selling wooden charging stands.
  3. Iced” by Pauline Ong assisted by Lailani Idusora and Eduardo Bolos, selling 2 flavorful flavors of ice cream in a cone, chocolate and red velvet, with toppings as an option in affordable prices. The kids were having fun eating the delicious ice cream which inspired and fueled the owner to do better on the second day.
  4. Ice n’ Fry” by Denise Po assisted by Jose Sampaga, Josh Ong and Leonard Sy by selling tasty fried ice cream in a munch in different flavors.
  5. “WG: The Cupcake Craving” by Wesley Chua Go, assisted by his mother, selling unique and homemade bacon and salted-caramel cupcakes.
  6. Pick A Chew” by Raymond Marzan assisted by Aissa Cai, selling unique pasta balls up for grabs.
  7. Homemade Fresh Seaweeds” by Jaspher Atienza with the assistance of Nicole Tanya selling savory seaweeds and quench-worthy juices.
  8. Crab Mangga” by Jensen Lambengco with the assistance of Kimberly Chen selling the combination of crab and mango in one tasty bite.

This fair ran along for 2 days and it was one of the events during the foundation day that was awaited and fun to the students. This event hopefully sparked the fire and gave hope to the next generations to continue working hard, supporting and loving their beloved school.

Photos taken by: Mariah Yap


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