PIQC Holds 3rd Quarter Reading of Honors

There were one hundred thirteen students awarded during the 3rd Quarter Reading of Honors held at the PIQC Auditorium on 24 January 2018. The awardees included the Chinese Excellence, Character, and Academic Excellence Awards. The Academic Excellence Awards is broken down into the 3rd, 2nd and 1st honors. The Special Awards is given to academic excellence awardees with a conduct mark of A in all the different subject areas and from the Office of the Student Activities and Formation.

Students who won in various competitions outside and in the country were also recognized. Sebastian B Calderon of Grade 4 Kindness won in the following competitions: Certificate of Credit in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools in English, bronze medal in the International Teenager Mathematics Olympiad (ITMO) in November 11, gold medal in the MathScore Quiz Bee and gold medal in the International Math Open for Young Achievers (IMOYA). Ysabel B Calderon of Grade 9 Gratitude won a bronze medal in ITMO and a Champion in MathScore Quiz Bee. Fallon Kynan C Co of Grade 7 Humility earned a Certificate of High Distinction in Math from the ICAS and a gold medal from the ITMO National Parallel Cluster. Another ITMO awardee was Jann Denice C Huang of Grade 4 Kindness.

Grade 2 Hope, Grade 6 Endurance, Grade 10 Trustworthiness and Grade 12 STEM got the highest number of points in the Cleanliness Challenge Awards and were awarded as the cleanest classrooms.

Ms Wendlyn Ligo gave an inspirational speech during the ceremony. She encouraged the students to choose moving forward instead of being frightened in times that obstacles are met during the journey to success. Ms Ligo is a part-time teacher at the PIQC Senior High School. She handles Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Business simulation. Presently, she is the Vice President of an IT Company and Comptroller of Keys School.

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