PIQC Subscribes to World Book Online

To augment the school’s library needs, PIQC has subscribed to the World Book Online. References of any kind (fiction and non fiction books for all the different subject areas, magazines, journals, etc) will now be available to all faculty, staff  and students anywhere and anytime.

One can agree that a school is where a student acquire his/her knowledge. The four walls of the classroom are where he learns different ideas and concepts that will be beneficial in his/her journey on this changing world. But due to the introduction of new technology which is accompanied by its rapid advancement, being inside the classroom doesn’t really maximize the learning of the students. This is why the PIQC, with its objective to make students Technologically Skilled (as part of the GIANTS), has been aiming to produce students who are learners not to just be learners inside the box, but learners that thinks outside of it.

PIQC has been open to these technological changes, as evident in the use of iPads for classroom activities. In addition to this, one of the latest acquisitions of the school is its subscription to World Book Online.

The World Book Online is an online-based reference center wherein students and teachers can have accurate and accessible information on different types of references. The program provides updated references such as general, fiction and non-fiction, academic, and literature. They also offer over 31,000 encyclopedia articles that have been authored by expert contributors and researchers which is also evaluated, authenticated, and reviewed. Its also has electronic books, or e-books, with more that 7,000 titles that contain multimedia features such as videos, games, and activities to make leaning fun. Access to articles about current events from Reuters News, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and world newspapers form 200 countries around the globe is also made accessible. Moreover, the students can also explore timelines on arts, science and technology, society and culture, world history, and geography. They can also build their own timelines from over 13,000 events built into the product or create their own personal timeline. It also has differentiated teaching through plays, monologue, and skits.

Another positive feature of the program is that it is accessible anywhere a student goes. They will have their own individual accounts where they can access all of its features through an app or through the World Book Online website with the use of devices such as Android phones and tablets, Apple gadgets, laptops, or desktop computers. They can also save, print, and e-mail contents and articles that they want. This program also promotes the importance of citation through the citation builder that helps the students create flawless citations in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats.

All in all, the program serves as an additional platform that the school can use in achieving its goal to make its students the best that they can be.

The World Book Online will be available to students at the start of the school year.

Written By: John Reinier Sison and the Student Activities Coordinator

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