Pre-school Nutrition Day 2015

2015 Preschool Nutrition Day

The Pre-school department ended the month of July with a blast as the teachers and pupils celebrated the Nutrition Day last July 31, 2015

The day kicked off with a film showing for each class where the teachers get to explain the importance of staying fit and healthy by eating food that are good for their bodies as well as showing the pupils the food that they should avoid. To further arouse the excitement, the pupils were asked to do art activities to make them be more familiar with the different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The activity was made more exciting when the kids get to wear their art work as hats and were proud to show them off as they go out of their classrooms. The following were the specific art activities for each class.

Of course the activity will not be complete if the children won’t get to taste the different kinds of fruits they were assigned to bring. Here, the value of sharing was also enhanced as the teachers creatively made sharing for kids an exciting and joyful way.

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