Serbisyo Outsourcing Facilities Inc. Work Immersion Program of the Philippine Institute of Quezon City Senior High School Department

With the implementation of the K-12 curriculum here in the Philippines, along with it came a subject called Inquiries, Investigations and Immersion (3 I’s). for the past years, PIQC has applied the first two I’s, inquiries and investigation by letting the Grade 12 students do a case study and then defending this study just like they did in Research 1 and 2. However, this year, it was decided that they be given the opportunity to take part in a  10-day immersion in order to learn from outside the four walls of the classroom. This immersion program is headed by Serbisyo Outsourcing Facilities Inc./SOFI.

SOFI is originally a company that offers various services to businesses, one of which is training and development, which is where the immersion program is under. The immersion program is called SOFI Work ED and aim to be able to teach students about what it’s like to be in actual working environment. According to SOFI, they were driven to create this program because other immersion experiences by students only let them do assisting jobs which hinders them from applying what they have learned in class, as well as applying their skills in the careers they plan on pursuing. And so, this program was created, giving the students a chance in experiencing the process of finding a job, being hired, and working in the respective fields they are interested in. For the first few days of the program, the students were taught the basics needed in the company like timekeeping and payroll processing. Afterwards, they were separated into groups in order to work in fields that are related to their respective strands. This will continue on until the second to the last day, and for the last day, the students will finally go through their so-called “graduation” for completing the work immersion program. Currently. This program has been a very fresh and new experience for the students. Along with learning by doing, the students are able to explore a new environment and meet new people. If this continue, then it is without a doubt that this immersion program will be an absolute success.

Althea Ty
Grade 12 STEM student

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