TLE PLC: The Basics of Industrial Arts

Written by: Ms. Cristine Gabaon

In PIQC, learning never ends. On June 16, 2023, the PIQC held a professional learning community (PLC) for each subject area as a part of the in-service training of teachers. With this program, the teachers are able to upgrade their knowledge and skills in their field of specialization.

The Professional Learning Community of the TLE subject focused on the foundations of industrial arts, including carpentry, woodworking, electricity, and electronics. The TLE subject area coordinator, Ms. Cristine Gabaon, as well as the TLE teachers Mr. Ronnie Prudente and Mrs. Michelle Honey Prudente, participated in the PLC. The workshop took place in the administration office and the preschool lobby area.

The woodworking and carpentry workshop was led by Mr. Edwin Carpio, a member of the PIQC maintenance staff. He discussed the appropriate approach to measuring materials as well as the functions of the basic tools and equipment. Some of the tools and machinery, like the hammer, handsaw, and jigsaw machine, were used by the TLE teachers. They have also constructed a simple woodworking project, a book stand, from combining pieces of plywood to painting the project.

Mr. William Astor, a member of the PIQC IT staff, imparted his knowledge in electronics and electricity. He discussed the tools and equipment frequently used in electricity and electronics, as well as how the Internet works in school. Mr. Astor also gave demonstrations on how to assemble an Ethernet cable and create a simple electronic circuit.

The workshop ended with the awarding of certificates and tokens of appreciation to the two resource speakers. The TLE teachers acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that equip them to deliver lessons in industrial arts more effectively. 

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