Turo Mo, Kinabukasan Ko

Below is a reflection written by Neia Ng of Grade 10 – Responsibility for the Teachers’ Day program which was held on 27 September 2018.
The PIQC Student Council presents a yearly celebration that truly shows gratification for our beloved teachers. As we believe our teachers are our guide to our future, the significance of showing gratitude merits the sweat and tears they’ve sacrificed for us, students, in order for them to help us walk through every obstacle of our lives.
The PIQC Auditorium was decorated with post-its that had messages dedicated with a hint of PIQC’s love for our assiduous teachers. The whole auditorium was filled with joy and gratitude both from our students and teachers, making September 27 a remarkable day. The students have performed various ways to show how grateful they are for our teachers. Some sang, some danced, some acted, and some even gave flowers to the teachers.
After several arduous performances, the Student Council prepared a mini game that showcased pictures of our loyal teachers who have stayed for years until decades and helped us step the stepping stones of our lives. Students were screaming and fascinated by the youthful faces of our loyal teachers as they try to take a guess on who the teacher is.
The celebration left everyone satisfied with blissfulness and gaiety, making the celebration an extravagant one.

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