Every October 24, United Nations is being celebrated all over the world.  For some, this is a perfect time to showcase different countries’ culture, while for the others, they look into the glamorous costumes that the different countries represent.  But why do we really celebrate UN Day?  According to Crisol Translation Services (2018).  UN Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the important contribution they make to cultural diversity.  As an organization, UN assists its members from minor to major concerns such as saving lives, helping refugees, fighting climate change, and promoting sustainable development.  As said by Holidays Calendar (n.d.), United Nations Day is a time when we celebrate and honor all the works it is doing to promote peace around the world with their network of specialized agencies.

Last October 25, 2019, PIQC celebrated the United Nations Day with the theme 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.  This was spearheaded by the Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2019 pageant.  The event was organized by the Araling Panlipunan Department together with the Student Council and the Kabataang Pag-asa ng Bayan KPB-PIQC members with the special participation of the Grade 12 students’ “The Untethered Band”.  After the prayer and singing of the national anthem, Mrs. Lee Shu Hwei, our school’s directress, formally welcomed the community with her opening remarks.  This was followed by the reflections of students from different levels where they share their ideas about the united nations as an organization and at the same time as a special occasion.  The whole event which was hosted by Lyra Sophia Tan and Aaron Miguel Ng of Grade 11, walked us through different countries with the presentation of candidates that were divided into primary, intermediate, junior high school, and senior high school divisions.  Aside from the presentation of their colorful costumes, we also get to know the culture of the countries they represent through the talent portion.  With the help of the judges, the following emerged as the winners of the pageant:  Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2019 are Tristan Gabriel Chua and Cathlyn Cabrales of Grade 2 Hope representing the country of Russia for the Primary Division.  Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2019 are Touma Nathan Go of Grade 5 Honesty representing the country of Korea and Daryl Nicole Dipad of Grade 6 Endurance representing the country of Malaysia for the Intermediate Division.  Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2019 are Christian Maximus Yap of Grade 8 representing the country of Brazil and Chelsea Mae Co of Grade 9 representing the country of Egypt.  For the Senior High School Division, Mr. and Ms. United Nations 2019 were awarded to Al Firdaus Ghazi Sarip and Cezanne Gyla Alejandre of Grade 12 representing the country of Australia.

After the assembly at the auditorium, the celebration was followed by the Photobooth making for High School and Slogan and Collage making for the Elementary.  Overall, the event showcased not only the culture of each country represented but also the true meaning of the United Nations. 

Suvarie Maiden Tan
Grade 12 STEM, Secretary KPB-PIQC

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