PIQC Showcase

The Induction Ceremonies for incoming officers of the FCCCQC, PIQC Board of Trustees, and PIQC alumni on 4 February 2019 provided a venue for the school administration to showcase its structure, pedagogy, systems and procedures, recorded school activities, and class projects.

Students’ projects that were exhibited included researches done by Senior High School students under Dr Alice L Padua and Ms Wendlyn Tan-Ligo. Researches done by the students of Dr Padua include  (1) The Effect of Classroom Aesthetics on Students’ Behavior Group 3, Grade 12-ABM/GAS: Leiram Marcial, Kristian  Gorospe & Elizabeth Lui  and The Extent of the Effect of the  Grade 9 and 10 Students’ Vocabulary Aptitude on their Academic Performance:  A Correlational Study Group 3, Grade 12-STEM: Lindsey Anne Yu, Rikki Daniella Sy & Winchell Ellis Ang. The business plan of the students of Ms Ligo was entitled Business Simulation as Practice by Gade 12-ABM students.

Mr Lucio Tan Jr listens intently to the students’ discussion of their researches

Guests move around the exhibit room, listen to the concepts and discussion by students

Put on display were panels with the documents used for the ACSCU Accreditation that included the following: (1) School’s Goals and Objectives, (2) Faculty, (3) Instructional Program (4) library (5) Laboratories (6) Physical Plant and Facilities (7) Pupil Personnel Services (8) Social Orientation and Community Development and (9) Organization and Administration.

Chemistry magic and Robotics that make learning magical were also on display. The Chemistry magic was done by the students of Mr Lorence Villacrusis and Ms Michelle Co is the Coach of the Robotics team.

Grade 11 STEM students performing chemistry magic

Two members of the Robotics team moving the robots along the track

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